We made it!

Well we made it! First let me thank God for all the blessings along the way and for getting us here safely! Michael says the last 3 hours were the worst he’s ever had to drive in… coming in to Los Angeles with a 65 mile an hour speed limit, 4 lanes of traffic and everyone doing 80-90 mph… accidents to the left and accidents to the right. But we are here and it’s been a great day in spite of the last few hours. Did you ever wonder how onions were transported? Well we saw tractor trailer one after the other carrying them (see photo), we saw the Colorado River, we saw mile after mile of beautiful majestic mountains and landscape as we went though the Mojave Dessert - where it reached 109 degrees. And after dinner we went to Venice Beach - a beautiful beach but the boardwalk is just lined with tents and lean-to’s of the homeless. But I got my first look at the Pacific Ocean and got to put my feet in… water is not as cold as Maine and not as warm as South Carolina. Another blessed and full day - May God bless each and everyone one of you! Thanks for following along with our journey!

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