Visit to Calvary Church!

Day three… sorry, did not get this done last night. We left Oklahoma and moved on into wide open Texas - flat land just as far as you can see. Looking ahead in one area I thought it looked like an area had been burned but when we got there is was cattle - lots and lots of cattle!! We stopped in Shamrock, Texas and took a picture of the building used in the movie Cars and then it was on to Groom, TX where there were these amazing statues and a huge cross. If you look close you can see Michael and I standing at the bottom of it. Then on into New Mexico and into the Sandia Mountains in Albuquerque. We visited Calvary Church with Skip Heitzig (Michael has listened to many of his sermons while training for this trip). Pastor Skip shared our story and introduced and prayed for us during the service. Another one of God’s blessings!

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