Two states behind us and seven to go!

Day Nine… and the last day on Route 40! Michael did a long hard up-hill ride today - I am so very proud of him! As he says almost every day “I’m not as young as I used to be!” But he is getting it done! We were so excited today when we saw that two women we met yesterday at the Petrified Forest had actually looked us up and commented on the website. That just means that even when the ride is done for the day and we are off doing a little sight-seeing we are bringing awareness to Camp Sunshine and that is what this ride and journey is all about. God is so good! On another note we are at day nine of the trip and we play cribbage every night - and the Queen is still the Queen - doesn’t matter what state we are in! LOL Praise God for a safe journey thus far and the blessings along the way!

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