Right out of a movie…

Day Four… Today we left California behind us with Michael continuing to hydrate drinking the best water on earth - Maine’s very own Tourmaline/Summit Spring Water! We had breakfast at the Wagon Wheel Restaurant and then I put my feet in the Colorado River where the beach is just good old dirt and no sand in sight. It was then down Route 66 with a few stops along the way and temperatures dropping as we went - thank you Jesus! We had reservations at Grand Canyon Caverns - which looked pretty cool on the website but it is more deserted than the Calico Ghost Town! We are the ONLY overnight guests and we were given the Logo’s Room, the lobby/desk and restaurant closed at 4 p.m., there is no cell phone service and no phone in the room, Wi-Fi does not stay connected, lock on room door does not work but there is a small chain, and this is one of our more expensive nights stay - a place right out of some movie! We drove 20 miles in a Monsoon to Seligman, AZ for dinner while listening to flash flood warnings. At home we keep wishing for a grocery store closer than a 10 minute drive - here the closest one is over 50 miles away! Getting a total different perspective on life as it is in the wide open west - I can’t even imagine the first settlers coming out here in wagon trains. Blessings everyone!

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