Retread Roadkill - it’s killing me!

Day Eight… Michael was off to a good start leaving Winslow and heading towards Holbrook when at a half mile from his destination …. Another flat tire. See photos that show all the debris in the bike lane and its the retreads from the tractor trailers that have wire in them that are getting into the tire and tube causing the flats. Will be good when he can get off Route 40 and away from the tractor trailer traffic and debris. This afternoon we went to the Petrified Forest National Park. It was a 27 mile ride through the park and just beautiful and so interesting to learn about. You will see some rock sections and that is where the Indians used to live - just notice the size of the rooms (smaller than my bathroom!) and feel so grateful for what we have. The picture of the 1932 Studebaker sits where Route 66 used to cut through the park. You will also see some petroglyphs on some of the rocks. We met some very interesting people to talk to and visit with in the park today as well. We are now having severe thunder and lightening - pretty impressive to see it out here in the desert!

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