My visit to Camp Sunshine…

I have known Michael for 14 years and he has talked about Camp Sunshine many times… but TODAY, I went to Camp Sunshine. There are no pictures that I can put here or anything that I can write that will allow me to tell you what I felt. From the moment I arrived there is a sense of peace and it is just so beautiful. I saw the 3 doors that Michael has described to me, and many, over the years but then I walked through those doors… I saw the beautiful murals on the walls and such a welcoming first impression. I met Mike Smith and many others that work there - all with hearts so full of love for this place! But then the tour began… Boxes lined up along the wall - because in the midst of this Pandemic, Camp Sunshine is still reaching out to their families. They send out boxes and they do virtual crafts, ice cream parties, etc with these families from all over the country. There is the wall of sponsors - those that go out of the way to raise money for this camp. And then…. A room with all of these beautifully painted ceiling tiles - Mike said yes, these children take these syringes that they would normally be getting their medicine administered to them in and we fill them with paint and they get to make something beautiful. I needed an emotional break right here… being one that has received more injections than I can count and to be able to make something beautiful from that. WOW! So then we went into Mike’s office and came to the conclusion we have reached our initial goal - we are now doubling that and know that we will be able to make this happen. And then there are all the quilts… that started with one woman when the camp started, who with help got quilts made for all 40 of the homes and all the beds in each place. An ad that was put into a quilt magazine that has brought dozens of quilts into Camp Sunshine from “all over the world”! There is the cabin area where the kids get to go spend the night while Camp Sunshine does a date night for the parents… there are basketball courts, archery, rope courses, miniature golf, the serenity room, the salon where mom’s can get pampered, massage rooms, pool tables, craft rooms, the outside kitchen, the garden, and the little pond where on their last day they set a little boat sailing with their wish on it… this is such a small picture of what this place is about and must mean to these families that are making memories with their sick child. I am totally overwhelmed and can’t wait to come back when it is once again open so that I can volunteer my time. I just wanted you to know that your donations are going to a very worthy cause. God Bless you all and enjoy these few photos.

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