Dollar Bills Everywhere… and another flat??

Day Five… Michael had a great ride this morning… put in the miles and finished early despite yet another flat tire!! So with time on our hands we headed to the South Rim, Grand Canyon. We took pictures but as you know, if you have been there, pictures can not describe the awesomeness of this place! Another of God’s great handiwork’s. It was a beautiful ride up and on the way back we saw this Cow Elk right beside the road and whatever she was eating it had her attention so didn’t care we were taking pictures. Our room here is much better than last night and so we are pleased with that. We went to a really cool BBQ joint for dinner… dollar bills tacked everywhere so now there is a dollar bill with “Ride For The Sun” and one for “Camp Sunshine” there as well. Another day … a few more miles.. blessings ya ‘all!

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