Climb to the Continental Divide!

Day Ten… 40 miles of climbing capping off with a final ascent at the Continental Divide, almost 2 miles above sea level. However, he says the last downhill was a blast! Great job Michael!! Much of this ride there was (again) no cell phone service so I would go 5 miles and find a place to pull over and wait for him to arrive and then we would do another 5 miles. I did pop in and take a quick peak at the El Morro National Monument. Also, I met Michael at this little cafe/diner where he grabbed a quick bite. Notice the background in the photo - flower decorated Christmas Tree and mounted Deer - it was quite the decor! LOL You never know what you are going to find out here. We were off the major highway today so it was pretty desolate but the scenery was amazing! Today we are also sharing a picture of our baby - we miss her so much!!

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