On July 11, 2021 Michael Wolfe will be embarking on a 3,000 mile bike ride from

Santa Monica, California to historic Yorktown, Virginia to raise funds and awareness for Camp Sunshine!


My name is Michael Wolfe

19 years ago I did a Ride for My “Son”  from Seattle, Washington to Casco, Maine in support of Camp Sunshine. We used “Son” because I was doing the ride in memory of my son who I lost at the age of 10 and for my personal healing from this terrible loss. 


This year I am doing a 3,000 mile Ride for the “Sun” from Santa Monica, California to historic Yorktown, Virginia.  This year I use the word “Sun” as it is once again to raise funds for Camp Sunshine on Sebago Lake and all the children and families that benefit from this amazing Camp. Having lost a child I realize the importance of children and family. Camp Sunshine provides a place, free of charge, where families can create memories, promote joy, and feel reenergized.


My wife will become a 10 year cancer survivor while we are making the trip and I can attest that there is hope after cancer. There is life after cancer but there is also life after loss. Since the initial “Ride for My Son” my life path has changed in many ways and I will soon be receiving my Associates Degree in Bible Ministry.  I can assure you that as I make this 3,000 mile ride, raising money for Camp Sunshine, I will also be praying for Camp Sunshine, and every child and family member that enters there. May God Bless you all!

Photos from Michael's 2002 Ride